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Barry May Hit NOLA, Poses An Unprecedented Threat

Barry May Hit NOLA, Poses An Unprecedented Threat

On Wednesday, New Orleans got a preview of coming disasters.  Severe thunderstorms that dumped between 6 and 7 inches of rain on the city in just 3 hours prompted tornado warnings and inundated the downtown area with water, causing transportation snarls and even forcing City Hall to close. Just as government forecasters announced that they expect 2019 to break annual flood records nationwide, the first real storm threat of the season “Barry” is lurking in the Gulf of Mexico setting its sights on the Louisiana coast (possibly New Orleans) but it is still not clear where it will make landfall.  

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Houston Residents Sue Army Corps of Engineers for Harvey Flooding

Houston Residents Sue Army Corps of Engineers for Harvey Flooding

Yesterday a federal claims court began to hear arguments in a novel case in which private homeowners in Houston are arguing that the Army Corps of Engineers is liable for intentionally flooding their homes during Hurricane Harvey.  Ordinarily private citizens cannot sue the federal government for damages caused by the government doing its job.

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The Midwest Is The Latest Region To Experience Deadly Flooding

Flooding across the Midwest over the weekend caused residents to flee as levees were breached by the rising floodwaters and emergency workers had to use boats to rescue stranded residents of towns along the Platte, Missouri and Elkhorn Rivers, and at least two people have perished.  The rising floodwaters are the aftermath of the massive storm system that pushed through the nation’s midsection on Thursday and Friday, pushing rivers to record flood levels in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota, according to the Associated Press. 

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