Polls Are In Agreement — Reveal Growing Public Concern About Climate

New polls released this week show increasing numbers of Americans are concerned about severe weather and about climate change. A new poll released yesterday by CBS News found that a majority of Americans think action needs to be taken immediately to address climate change. The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) also conducted a […]

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Massive “Extinction Rebellion” Protest Shuts Down London

London police tried to control the massive protests taking place for the second day in a row in London yesterday, arresting nearly 300 people who were blocking streets and bridges, and vandalizing buildings as part of the “Extinction Rebellion.”  The aim of the protesters was to disrupt the flow of traffic, and it seems they succeeded because the city shut down 55 bus routes and police estimated that 500,000 people were impacted. 

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1.4 Million Students Strike Around the Globe for Climate Action

Students in 1,700 locations across over 100 countries around the globe staged a massive demonstration on Friday, demanding that leaders in their own countries and globally take action to address the existential threat of climate change.  A reported 1.4 million students walked out of school and marched and held rallies from Tokyo to Cape Town, and Stockholm to New York to raise awareness of the climate change crisis and their increasing concern that their generation will be unduly impacted by the failure to reign in greenhouse gas emissions now before it is too late. 

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Prince William Interviews Sir David at Davos

Prince William Interviews Sir David at Davos

Sir David Attenborough sat down for a rare interview this week at Davos with the Duke of Cambridge.  We thought we would bring you some of the highlights. 

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