Funding Mass Protest, Will it Make the Difference?

Funding Mass Protest, Will it Make the Difference?

Yesterday, hundreds of arrests were made in London as activists with the Extinction Rebellion blocked more roads and held demonstrations as part of their two weeks of civil disobedience. While some might write off the recent wave of climate activism as disjointed, they might be surprised to learn that some of these protests are being funded by big names.

The What: In July a small group of environmental philanthropists came together to create the Climate Emergency Fund which helps support disruptive climate activism. 

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Extinction Rebellion Stages Climate Protests — NY, London and Other Major Cities Snarled

Extinction Rebellion Stages Climate Protests — NY, London and Other Major Cities Snarled

The protest group The Extinction Rebellion yesterday began two weeks of peaceful protests in cities across the globe, including many in NYC where they poured fake blood on the bull statue in front of the stock exchange and in London where they took drums and banners to 11 sites around Westminster, blocking bridges and roads leading to the Parliament.

Why This Matters:   There will be protests in more than 60 cities worldwide and these protesters do not seem inclined to stop until they get leaders to agree to a drastic global reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


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Tweet of the Week: Craig Murray on listening to climate protestors

Personally, my day ruined by #ExtinctionRebellion as I dashed around London on Wikileaks related stuff and lost a couple of hours to transport disruption. But this is what it takes to jolt people from complacency to see the existential threat we ignore. Many congrats to them. — Craig Murray (@CraigMurrayOrg) April 17, 2019 We wrote […]

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Massive “Extinction Rebellion” Protest Shuts Down London

London police tried to control the massive protests taking place for the second day in a row in London yesterday, arresting nearly 300 people who were blocking streets and bridges, and vandalizing buildings as part of the “Extinction Rebellion.”  The aim of the protesters was to disrupt the flow of traffic, and it seems they succeeded because the city shut down 55 bus routes and police estimated that 500,000 people were impacted. 

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