FDR’s New Deal Was Green

FDR’s New Deal Was Green

As we contemplate the sweeping Green New Deal resolution recently introduced, which promises that “public lands, waters, and oceans are protected” and that all Americans have “access to nature,” we should look back at the very green legacy of  FDR’s New Deal.  As part of historic first 100 days legislation, Roosevelt proposed the Emergency Conservation Work (EWC) Act, more commonly known as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to put to work unemployed young men in a peacetime “army” and “send them into battle” against destruction and erosion of our country’s natural resources. 

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FDR’s Expansion of National Parks

FDR’s Expansion of National Parks

As part of the New Deal, President Franklin Roosevelt greatly expanded the National Park Service and its mission to include history and culture as well as nature and re-organized it for an expanded role in preserving our national treasures. 

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Protecting Roosevelt’s legacy from climate change

As you’ve read above, the creation of our national parks and public lands was a serious feat but ensuring their health and vibrancy over the long term requires a sustained effort. While the Trump administration has moved to open up public lands to oil and gas drilling and logging, they’re also refused to acknowledge climate […]

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