#Fridays for Future
Activism in the Age of COVID-19, All is Not Lost

Activism in the Age of COVID-19, All is Not Lost

From the 50th anniversary of Earth Day to the presidential election, this year was supposed to be a monumental one for climate activism. Coming off 2019 in which we saw a wave of youth climate strikes, the COVID-19 pandemic has made mass public demonstrations temporarily impossible. So does this mean 2020 will be a year […]

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Amazon Employees Join Global Climate Strike

You may have seen that young climate activists are planning a massive climate strike next week in the lead up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, September 23rd. As The Daily Kos explained “[Greta] Thunberg and the movement she started organized a global climate strike March 15. Some 1.4 million people in 2,200 cities in 128 countries […]

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Hero of the Week: Greta Thunberg

Hero of the Week: Greta Thunberg

This isn’t the first time that Greta Thunberg has been our Hero of the Week but we can’t stop singing her praises. You might recall that she’s the founder of Fridays for Future and has become a worldwide icon for climate action in just a year. After a 15-day trip (which she chronicled on Twitter) […]

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Tweet of the Week: Obama Praises Youth Climate Movement

They're people like 16-year-old @GretaThunberg, whose protests at Swedish parliament sparked a movement. Inspired by Greta's action, Fridays for Future brought together more than a million strikers on every continent last month to demand action on climate. https://t.co/un7nBhEF8i — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) April 22, 2019 On Earth Day this Monday, former President Obama dedicated his […]

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