Heroes of the Week:  Youth Activists That Flooded the Stage at the UN Climate Meeting

Heroes of the Week: Youth Activists That Flooded the Stage at the UN Climate Meeting

This week’s climate meeting had lots of “stars” come to deliver important messages — Harrison Ford, Mike Bloomberg, Al Gore, John Kerry and of course, Greta Thunberg.  But the young activists from Fridays for the Future and countless other youth groups who were everywhere at this meeting had an even bigger impact.  They flooded the […]

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1.4 Million Students Strike Around the Globe for Climate Action

Students in 1,700 locations across over 100 countries around the globe staged a massive demonstration on Friday, demanding that leaders in their own countries and globally take action to address the existential threat of climate change.  A reported 1.4 million students walked out of school and marched and held rallies from Tokyo to Cape Town, and Stockholm to New York to raise awareness of the climate change crisis and their increasing concern that their generation will be unduly impacted by the failure to reign in greenhouse gas emissions now before it is too late. 

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#FridaysForFuture Student Strike is this Friday

#FridaysForFuture Student Strike is this Friday

This Friday, March 15th students from 98 countries will walk out on their classes to protest global inaction on climate change. As we wrote last month, under the so-called “#FridaysForFuture” hashtag, this school strike was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (one of our Heroes of the week) and her  Friday “school strikes for […]

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Green Wave Rising in Europe Fueled by Kidpower

Green Wave Rising in Europe Fueled by Kidpower

Yesterday, 30,000 school children again turned out for protests in three cities across Belgium after an open letter to the government from 3,450 Belgian scientists saying “the activists are absolutely right”.  Children’s climate rallies and protests are spreading across Europe — taking place in Germany and Switzerland too with the #FridaysForFuture, according to the BBC.  There was even a sit-in at the Scottish Parliament. 

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