#Global Deal for Nature

Giraffes Under Consideration for US Endangered Species Listing

As we reported yesterday, biodiversity is declining at a precipitous rate, according to a new study by scientists from across the globe for the United Nations.   In an effort to save one of the most iconic species on the planet —  the African giraffe —  the Fish and Wildlife Service at the Department of Interior is considering listing them on the nation’s endangered species list, which would mean restrictions on the importation into the United States and would also make small amounts of federal funding for giraffe conservation efforts available. 

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Sealing the “Deal for Nature”

Sealing the “Deal for Nature”

A new study published Friday in the journal Science Advances lays out a strong case and a game plan — called the Global Deal for Nature — that will BOTH stabilize climate and ensure that species and ecosystems will be preserved in the near future.  This study argues that by protecting “30 percent of the […]

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