Greenland’s Big Melt Down

Greenland’s Big Melt Down

by Amy Lupica, ODP Staff Writer Greenland, whose ice sheet is melting rapidly, saw temperatures rise over 70 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, melting enough ice to cover the state of Florida in two inches of water. International climate experts are now calling Greenland’s ice sheets a “ground zero” for “cascading climate impacts across the planet.” Additionally, melting Arctic ice is also […]

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Cold War Lessons From Greenland’s Ice

Cold War Lessons From Greenland’s Ice

by Ashira Morris, ODP Staff Writer During the Cold War, the U.S. had grand plans to hide nuclear missiles beneath Greenland’s ice. While that project didn’t pan out, as part of the work, researchers extracted a massive mile-long ice core and 12 feet of frozen soil. That soil was analyzed decades later, and the leaves, […]

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Greenland Ice Sheet Past The Point of No Return – Climate Crisis Continues to Roil the Planet click button

Greenland Ice Sheet Past The Point of No Return – Climate Crisis Continues to Roil the Planet

Even if we stop emitting greenhouse gasses, it is too late to reverse the damage done — the Greenland ice sheet is beyond saving, according to a new study published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment last Thursday, based on a review of more than 30 years of satellite data. 

Why This Matters:  The perfect metaphor for the climate crisis.  We have fallen off the first step and we can’t stop, but we don’t know how bad it will feel as we keep falling, and falling, and falling. The bottom line is that Florida and other coastal areas are going to be under water and there is no stopping that — we must adapt.

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