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North Atlantic Right Whale Fatality in Canada

North Atlantic Right Whale Fatality in Canada

The first North Atlantic Right Whale death in Canada this year was discovered drifting off Quebec’s Gaspé coast last Tuesday, and now the whale has been identified, but the cause of death remains undetermined until a necropsy can be performed on the animal.  The whale was a nine-year-old known as Wolverine and he was familiar to researchers because of scars on his tale that were the result of a ship strike when he was younger, and because he had also survived three entanglements in fishing gear, according to CBC News. 

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IFAW Turns 50 And Gets A New Look

Now, having grown and thrived through the decades, IFAW is making changes in the hope of attracting the next generation of environmentalists at this critical moment for species and the planet.  As the UN Extinction Report that was released on Monday makes clear, educating people who have come of age in the new millennium and inspiring them to take action is crucial to saving animals, people, and the planet going forward.

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Giraffes Under Consideration for US Endangered Species Listing

As we reported yesterday, biodiversity is declining at a precipitous rate, according to a new study by scientists from across the globe for the United Nations.   In an effort to save one of the most iconic species on the planet —  the African giraffe —  the Fish and Wildlife Service at the Department of Interior is considering listing them on the nation’s endangered species list, which would mean restrictions on the importation into the United States and would also make small amounts of federal funding for giraffe conservation efforts available. 

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New Whale Conservation Challenges Surface — Fishing Gear and Finding Food

New Whale Conservation Challenges Surface — Fishing Gear and Finding Food

Due to spikes in whale mortality on both coasts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is stepping up its efforts to tackle one of the leading causes of death — whale entanglement in fishing lines and nets. 

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One Wild Thing: UN Youth Art Contest Winner

One Wild Thing: UN Youth Art Contest Winner

Valerie Dou, 17, of the United States is the winner of the United Nation’s 2019 International Youth Art Contest. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) sponsored the contest in collaboration with the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in celebration of World Wildlife Day […]

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