A Bold New Commitment to Covering Climate

A Bold New Commitment to Covering Climate

Covering Climate Now, is a new project aimed at breaking the climate silence that has long prevailed in the news media. The project, co-founded by The Nation and the Columbia Journalism Review and in partnership with The Guardian, officially has 60 media outlets committing to more climate coverage including the likes of CBS News and the […]

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Climate Protests Heating Up this Summer

Climate Protests Heating Up this Summer

Although in 2018, the New York Times had published 795 articles relating to climate issues, protestors last week with the Extinction Rebellion (the same group responsible for massive protests recently in London) called for a change in the rhetoric the NYT uses in its climate coverage. They want the newspaper to transition away from phrases […]

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The Guardian changes the way it will talk about climate change

From today, the Guardian is updating the language we use when we report on the environment: https://t.co/UJtqEjQ1Kd — Katharine Viner (@KathViner) May 17, 2019 Last Friday, British daily newspaper the Guardian updated its style guide and is now recommending to its writers that they use “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” instead of “climate change” and […]

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