Investing in Renewables in the Midwest Yields Big Returns

Investing in Renewables in the Midwest Yields Big Returns

A new study from Harvard has found that the locations where renewable energy sources are built in the U.S. matter as much as, if not more than, the type of renewable energy that’s built there.

Why This Matters: The location of new renewables projects matters because regions that are dependent on coal will reap outsize health benefits from cleaner energy sources than places that already have a grid partly powered by renewables.

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Midwest Flooding Preventing Farmers from Planting Their Crops, Threatens Food Prices

Here's where the #CropWatch19 #soybeans will be planted in central Kansas, if it ever dries out. pic.twitter.com/w9DkokOlUG — Karen Braun (@kannbwx) May 28, 2019 All across the midwest farmers are not able to begin planting their crops as persistent flooding has caused their fields to resemble shallow lakes. As Reuters explained, “Excessive rain has caused […]

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Drinking Water Woes Spread

Drinking Water Woes Spread

The midwestern floods are responsible for a new threat to drinking water supplies, according to the Associated Press the flooding could contaminate more than 1 million private water wells.  The National Ground Water Association, a trade group for the industry that includes well systems, told the AP that “there are 1.1 million private wells in 300 flooded counties in 10 states: Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Kentucky.” 

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