Interview of the Week: Mika Brzezinski

Interview of the Week: Mika Brzezinski

Most of us know Mika Brzezinski as a journalist, commentator, and co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe but she has another noteworthy title: devoted animal lover. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, animals have provided us comfort, companionship, and stories about them have generated immense interest from our ODP readers. It’s why we wanted to sit down with […]

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Watch This: Rev. Al Talks Environmental Justice 

As part of MSNBC’s Climate in Crisisweek of special coverage, Rev. Al Sharpton took the opportunity to address environmental justice on his program with our #FriendOfThePlanet Dr. Ayana Johnson and Moms Clean Air Force‘s Heather McTeer Toney. Take a look at this clip of one of the more substantive explanations that we’ve seen of environmental […]

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Climate Forum Next Week Will Highlight Importance of Storm Preparedness

We started the official countdown to the #ClimateForum2020 yesterday morning – we are now less than 10 days away — with a visit to MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about why accurate weather forecasts are more important than ever given the increasing intensity of storms like Hurricane Dorian. One of the Forum’s moderators, MSNBC’s Ali […]

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Beto Elevates Climate Change To Center Stage for Dems

Climate change has finally arrived as a top tier issue in the 2020 Presidential campaign.  On Monday, with California’s Yosemite National Park as the backdrop, Beto O’Roarke became the first of the top tier Democratic hopefuls to make tackling the climate crisis a centerpiece of his Presidential campaign.  Though O’Roarke did not reference the Green New Deal specifically —  he posted on his web site a four-point plan with specific and detailed actions under each —  with the explicit “guarantee” of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 the goal and puts the price tag at $5 Trillion.

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