One Hysterical Thing: Colbert’s Water-gate, Sharpie-gate, and Lightbulb-gate Monologue

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to perfectly cap off Our Daily Planet for the week.  His monologue from Wednesday night covers fertile ground for us — the “boob job” the President gave the storm track map to make it a “perfect 10” and the tweets about the poor NOAA spokesperson who was not allowed to […]

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Sharpie-Gate Reaches Fever Pitch – Rightfully So

The media frenzy over the doctored Hurricane Dorian map reached new highs (or lows) after NOAA put out an unsigned statement on Friday night retracting a tweet that launched the whole debacle — the Birmingham local National Weather Service forecast office clarifying that the storm track would not impact Alabama.  It led to a downward […]

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Directors of NOAA Research and National Weather Service Push Back

The Sharpie-Gate saga continued yesterday when The Washington Post obtained an internal email from the Chief Scientist at NOAA, Craig McLean, who wrote his colleagues that he “is investigating whether the agency’s response to President Trump’s Hurricane Dorian tweets constituted a violation of NOAA policies and ethics.” In addition, the head of the National Weather […]

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Best of ODP: Interview with Kathy Sullivan, First Woman to Walk in Space

Best of ODP: Interview with Kathy Sullivan, First Woman to Walk in Space

This interview first appeared earlier this year, in honor of Women’s History Month.  I (Monica) had the pleasure of working with Kathy at NOAA during the Obama Administration.  With the 50th Anniversary of the NASA moon landing and spacewalk that we celebrated just a few weeks ago, this interview came to mind as a highlight […]

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Hurricane Forecast Update: More Hurricanes Likely

Hurricane Forecast Update: More Hurricanes Likely

The Associated Press reported that as the “peak” of hurricane season begins they are now expecting 10 to 17 named storms, with five to nine hurricanes and two to four major ones, up from their May forecast of one or two fewer named storms and hurricanes.

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New Source Of Methane Leaks Identified—Eastern Cities

New Source Of Methane Leaks Identified—Eastern Cities

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flew reconnaissance flights over major metropolitan areas on the East Coast – Boston, Providence, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and found that those cities were emitting nearly 950,000 metric tons of methane gas into the atmosphere, which was more than twice what EPA had estimated.

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