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Giant Ozone Hole Over The Arctic

Scientists at the European Space Agency have found an enormous hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, and it is unusual because it is over the North Pole. 

Why This Matters:  This is believed to be the largest hole ever to have formed above the Arctic.

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CFCs Could Be Making The Arctic Warm Faster

CFCs Could Be Making The Arctic Warm Faster

According to a new study published in the Journal Nature late last month, chlorofluorocarbon gasses (or CFCs), that were widely recognized for causing the ozone hole over the Antarctic, “could be responsible for up to half of the effects of climate change observed in the Arctic from 1955 to 2005.” 

Why This Matters:  It is especially relevant because another study released just yesterday in Live Science found that the rapid melting is reshaping the Arctic before the residents’ very eyes — Arctic permafrost can thaw so quickly that it triggers landslides, drowns forests and opens gaping sinkholes.


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One Shrinking Thing: The Ozone Hole

Video: NASA We know you weren’t losing sleep over this (unlike say the climate crisis), but there is a bit of good news this week.  NOAA and NASA announced that the ozone hole measured its smallest size ever for this time of year — typically when it is its largest.  The hole, which exists above […]

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China Breaching International Ozone Treaty

China Breaching International Ozone Treaty

According to a study recently published in the journal Nature, scientists have traced a recent spike in emissions of an ozone-destroying gas to plants northeast China, where they suspect the chemical is being produced and used in violation of the international treaty called the  Montreal Protocol that protects the Earth’s ozone layer. 

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