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Will The Pandemic “Cure” America’s Addiction to Cheap Meat?

Will The Pandemic “Cure” America’s Addiction to Cheap Meat?

Eating meat is as American as apple pie, so baked into our culture and identity that President Trump declared meatpacking plants so essential that he ordered them to stay open. Some grocery chains such as Costco and Kroger are limiting the amount of meat consumers can buy, and prices are spiking too.  Meanwhile, plant-based meats are flying off the shelves.

Why This Matters:  Thanks to the virus, Americans may now be forced to learn how to eat less meat and why that might be good for them.

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Super Bowl Anti-Plant-Based Meat Ad Is Deceptive

The Super Bowl is known as much for its advertisements as for the game itself.  This year as people watched the big game with a hamburger in hand, The Center for Consumer Freedom, a conservative front group for the beef industry, aired a highly deceptive ad that, according to James Hamblin of The Atlantic, was intended to “scare people about plant-based meats.”

Why This Matters:  Clearly the culture war over meat is heating up, which is unfortunate since this should be an issue of personal choice.

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