Spain Says Sí to Green New Deal

Spain held Parliamentary elections yesterday, and though no party won a majority, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, or PSOE, and current Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will win the largest percentage of the vote running on a progressive platform, of which an “ecological transition” that closely resembles the Green New Deal was a major plank.

The Intercept explained that Spain’s version of the Green New Deal includes:reducing emissions by 90 percent below 1990 levels by mid-century and generating all of the country’s power from renewables along the same timeline; mandating 74 percent of power to come from renewables by 2030;banning fracking nationwide, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and government investments in fossil fuels, and phasing out fossil-fueled vehicles, with the aim of banning the registration and sale of carbon-emitting vehicles by 2040.

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