In Memoriam: Cokie Roberts and Her Legacy of Pursuing the Truth

In Memoriam: Cokie Roberts and Her Legacy of Pursuing the Truth

Although the news of journalist Cokie Robert’s passing came about two weeks ago, we wanted to take the time to honor her memory and her legacy of hard-hitting, honest journalism. Cokie will be remembered as pithy, unrelenting, and as a woman who blazed a trail in the male-dominated media landscape. But more than anything, her […]

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Sharpie-Gate Reaches Fever Pitch – Rightfully So

The media frenzy over the doctored Hurricane Dorian map reached new highs (or lows) after NOAA put out an unsigned statement on Friday night retracting a tweet that launched the whole debacle — the Birmingham local National Weather Service forecast office clarifying that the storm track would not impact Alabama.  It led to a downward […]

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Another Day of As NOAA Turns

Tom Toles of The Washington Post perfectly captured the absurdity of the latest episode of Sharpie-Gate.  And then the continuing saga took another predictable and worrisome turn yesterday when The New York Times broke the story (which was later confirmed by several other media outlets) that White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had personally […]

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