Singapore Makes Huge Wildlife Bust

On Tuesday, the government of Singapore announced it had seized nearly $50 million in ivory tusks and pangolin scales (a record for the nation) found in shipping containers from the Democratic Republic of Congo that supposedly contained timber but instead were filled with 12 tons of pangolin scales and nearly 9 tons of ivory.  The illegal wildlife parts were bound for Vietnam, but will now be destroyed so that they will not re-enter the market, the Singapore government announced.  

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Largest Solar Project In the World Planned For Australian Outback

Largest Solar Project In the World Planned For Australian Outback

Australia’s Northern Territory will likely soon be home to the world’s largest solar farm, revolutionizing both Australia’s and Singapore’s energy sector.  The project, Sun Cable, will house an array of 10-gigawatt solar panels across 37,000 acres of desert, backed by a battery storage unit able to supply power 24 hours a day. Construction for this 20 billion dollar plan is set to begin in 2023, with operations commencing as early as 2027.

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Commission Calls for Global Agricultural Revolution

Commission Calls for Global Agricultural Revolution

As if we needed another reason to eat right, a new study published Wednesday found that climate and human health are deeply intertwined. According to a global commission convened by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, In order to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize the climate, the world needs a “comprehensive shift” in its diet. The Commission recommended that we decrease our consumption of unhealthy foods (such as red meat, sugar, and refined grains), which would both provide major health benefits, and at the same time increase the likelihood of attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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