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Cheers to the Students!

Cheers to the Students!

Today is the last day of Climate Week as well as the last day of the Global Climate Strike and we hope that you found inspiration and a sense of hope from the millions of young people who have made their voices heard–we sure have! FYI: prepare for more strikes today, including more demonstrations in […]

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We Need a Leader to Fight For Our Future

We Need a Leader to Fight For Our Future

by, Natalia Uro-DeLeon, Wakefield High School, Arlington, VA Today, the conversations concerning the current state of the environment quickly become frustrating arguments that always seem to run me dry of hope. It seems so unfair that a generation ridiculed for being glued to their screens, often communicating in a language of slang yet to be […]

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1.4 Million Students Strike Around the Globe for Climate Action

Students in 1,700 locations across over 100 countries around the globe staged a massive demonstration on Friday, demanding that leaders in their own countries and globally take action to address the existential threat of climate change.  A reported 1.4 million students walked out of school and marched and held rallies from Tokyo to Cape Town, and Stockholm to New York to raise awareness of the climate change crisis and their increasing concern that their generation will be unduly impacted by the failure to reign in greenhouse gas emissions now before it is too late. 

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