Second Failing Right Whale Spotted Off Mass Coast Entangled In Fishing Gear

Second Failing Right Whale Spotted Off Mass Coast Entangled In Fishing Gear

USA Today reported late Friday that government scientists have spotted off 45 miles off the coast of Nantucket a 19-year-old female right whale named “Dragon” appears to be in poor health because of a fishing buoy lodged in one corner of her mouth. 

Why This Matters:  It’s not just one or two whales — the fate of the species hangs in the balance.  I

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Smart Phones Improve Both Fisheries Management And Consumer Choices

Several U.S. environmental organizations with the support of large philanthropic organizations are working to help countries around the world achieve better fisheries management, and increasingly they are using smartphones and technological innovations to empower fishers to decide where and when to fish in order to get the best price.

Why This Matters:   Here, with the help of technology and the support of U.S. NGOs, fishermen and consumers are benefitted by technology that is now readily available on smartphones.

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Reason For Hope If We Go Bold

Reason For Hope If We Go Bold

By Scott Nuzum My four-year-old loves the fantastical flora and fauna of the marine environment so the other day we decided to watch Blue Planet 2. What began as a joyous attempt to showcase the wonder of the oceans soon took a melancholy turn as we silently watched an exhausted walrus mother and pup struggle […]

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Netflix and….CO2 Emissions? 

Netflix and….CO2 Emissions? 

by Alexandra Patel When people think of carbon emissions they probably think of cars and power plants but you’d probably be surprised to learn that video streaming is becoming an increasing source of GHG emissions as our Netflix and Youtube addictions grow. A  study lead by the French think tank The Shift Project discovered that […]

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