This Year, Should You Pardon the Turkey?

This Year, Should You Pardon the Turkey?

A vegetarian or even vegan Thanksgiving does not have to be a sacrifice!  This year, there are more ways to prepare a meatless Thanksgiving meal, with recipes in abundance (keep reading).  And more Americans than ever are preparing meat-free meals this Thanksgiving, according to Time Magazine — due to climate change and health reasons.

Why This Matters:  Time reports that a Neilsen poll taken in December 2018 found that more than 60% of Americans are willing to cut back on their meat consumption in order to personally reduce their carbon footprint.

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Making plant-based meat an affordable choice

Making plant-based meat an affordable choice

Plant-based proteins continue to surge in popularity and more and more restaurants and grocery chains are offering a wide range of brands like Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. In fact, as Forbes reported, globally, meat substitute sales on average rose 9.3% between 2012 and 2017, more than three times the average rate of processed meat […]

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A diet for the planet

Experts have been saying for some time that in order to truly tackle global climate change we must limit our consumption of red meat as its cultivation is a major source of emissions and pollution. This week scientists made the prescription to reduce meat official and suggested a new diet to help Americans alter their […]

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