Trump Administration Rolls Back WOTUS Rule, Undermines the Clean Water Act

Yesterday the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency rolled back one of the most important environmental rules put in place by the Obama Administration – the Waters of the U.S. Rule (“WOTUS”) – which protects wetlands that are the best natural barriers to storm surge and flooding and also keeps agricultural pollution out of our waterways.  […]

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The U.S. Is Losing Its Wild Places Fast

The U.S. Is Losing Its Wild Places Fast

A recent report published by the Center for American Progress and the Conservation Science Project reveals the massive degree to which the United States has slowly but surely losing its natural landscapes — forests, grasslands, deserts — to roads, houses, pipelines, and other development. 

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Senator Booker Proposes “Nature-Based”  Climate Legislation

Senator Booker Proposes “Nature-Based” Climate Legislation

Presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker last week introduced legislation in the Senate to combat climate change through farm conservation, reforestation, and wetlands restoration, The Hill reported. 

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Pipeline and LNG Terminal Project Puts Oregon Governor On the Spot

Pipeline and LNG Terminal Project Puts Oregon Governor On the Spot

In Oregon, there is a fossil fuel infrastructure project undergoing permitting and approval that is stirring up controversy, putting the newly re-elected Governor of the state, Kate Brown, on the spot over her campaign promise to tackle the issue of climate change.  The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal and its Pacific Connector Gas pipeline would transport fracked natural gas from Colorado all the way to Oregon’s coast, where it would be super-cooled into liquid form and loaded on ships in the terminal bound for international markets.  A huge crowd of protesters attended a state hearing on the project expressed grave concerns about the large quantities of soil that would need to be displaced in order to install the proposed three-foot wide pipeline, spanning 229 miles, 78 wetlands, and 485 waterways across the state through four Oregon Counties.  

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Southeastern Iran In the Grip of Climate Change Is a Dustbowl

Southeastern Iran In the Grip of Climate Change Is a Dustbowl

Heat, drought, and debilitating dust storms have, according to National Geographic, brought much of southeastern Iran to the brink of being uninhabitable.  The temperature in Sistan and Baluchestan province is often above 110 degrees F and it never rains, but the wind blows non-stop for 120 days straight each year. And so “the entire areas wanes under a months-long barrage of sand, cloying dust, and noise.” The entire area is in the grip of an unrelenting succession of environmental disasters that are a harbinger of what’s to come for many other parts of the planet.

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