Trump Team’s Losing Streak Continues — This Time in Court

Former President Trump may have thought the judicial branch would be his salvation, but federal courts have by and large ruled against his administration’s positions in litigation, sticking to the letter of the environmental and administrative law, Marianne Lavelle writes for Inside Climate News.  Lavelle argues (persuasively) that federal judges are helping the Biden administration reverse the Trump legacy on conservation and climate issues, citing three key factors — the Trump lawyers’ “ineptitude, the skill of the environmental bar, and industry’s desire to work with the new administration.”

Why This Matters:  As Biden’s Domestic Climate Coordinator Gina McCarthy put it, “In the courts, even with the new appointees under the Trump administration as judges, we still won over and over and over again, because there is a law in our country. And when you put on that black robe, you tend to want to do your job.” Oyez!

But, but, but…the current winning streak could end once Trump-appointed judges start hearing cases about Biden administration regulations and policies.  Trump appointees could overturn government actions on climate that lack explicit authority from Congress.  They have numbers — Trump appointees fill one-third of the seats on appellate courts, including three Supreme Court Justices.  Read the whole article here — it’s worth your time.

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