Trump’s Plumbing Obsession: Showers, Sinks and The Third Thing

Photo: Nicole-Koehler, Wiki CC

Donald Trump has been boasting on the campaign trail about his “rollback” of plumbing standards  — taking credit for making it possible to wash hands (huh?) and for making dishwashers faster and even for a more powerful toilet flush.  But, according to E&E News, in addition to being the strangest campaign pitch, it is also patently false.  None of the rule changes that would bring about these great “improvements” in our quality of life are in effect yet — the dishwasher standard change only made it through the regulatory process on Monday but has not been finalized, and the others like the showerhead change are still in the process.  Not one faucet, dishwasher, or toilet on the market has changed.

Why This Matters:  Trump claims to have “freed” water and as a result, women in the suburbs “like him a lot.”  Well, that is not true either – his numbers with suburban women are tanking.  The claim about sink faucets appears to be a total fabrication — there is no rule at all pending on that one.  Appliance manufacturers and consumers are not big fans of these changes either.  Most people want to save money on water, which is what the prior standards allowed them to do.  

In His Own Words

President Trump said, “So I won’t I won’t talk about the fact that people have to flush their toilet 15 times. OK? I will not talk about it. I’ll only talk about showers and– OK? But there is three things. I won’t talk about it. This way, they can’t report it.” Well we are “they” and we just did.

He went on to say, “You ever get under a shower where no water comes out? And me, I want that hair to be so beautiful. [INAUDIBLE]. I want the hair to look good.”

To Go Deeper into the john: Watch the whole Trump diatribe on dishwashers, showers, and toilets here.

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