NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to officially announce his White House bid later today and leading up to the announcement he already fired a shot at President Donald Trump. On Monday, as Reuters reported, de Blasio threatened to fine the Trump Organization $2.1 million a year starting in 2030 unless the president’s business reduces emissions from its buildings. A New York City law due to take effect on May 17th sets new emissions standards that will force older, higher polluting buildings to take serious action to curb their emissions. You can read our coverage of the event at Trump Tower where de Blasio touted the initiative–it didn’t go quite as planned.

Why This Matters: Mayor de Blasio will be the 23rd Democratic candidate for president and will have to work hard at differentiating himself from the already very crowded pool of candidates. Perhaps like Washington Governor Jay Inslee, de Blasio will make his campaign about climate change as a way to tout his environmental accomplishments as mayor of New York City. If that’s the case and the mayor wants to run on this record then the way in which the new NYC emissions standards are enforced will be critical. Will the Trump Organization and other owners of polluting buildings be forced to pay the fines they’ve been issued? Although Mayor de Blasio would likely be out of office before the 2030 deadline, it’s important that the emissions initiative isn’t seen as being merely symbolic. Voters are looking for candidates to walk the walk on climate issues, not just talk the talk.

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