Voter Suppression on Full Display in Georgia

Polls closed in Georgia yesterday after voting delays across the state were so serious that it led officials there to call for investigations into why voters spent hours standing in lines on a hot June day. As CNN wrote, some voters reported standing in the hot summer sun for upward of four hours attempting to cast their ballots.

We wrote back in February that, 

We can’t get pro-climate action and environment candidates elected to office unless we bring all our collective voting power to the ballot box.  And we need to do it in places where voters are most likely to be disenfranchised – like Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and even Wisconsin — where Republican Governors or state legislatures or both have made voting really tough for minorities in particular.

Why This Matters: Firstly, voter disenfranchisement is a direct threat to our democracy. But most of all, we can’t begin to right the wrongs of environmental and racial injustice if voters aren’t able to make their voices heard.

As Friend Of The Planet Kurt Bardella wrote, “Pay attention to what is happening today in Georgia at the hands of Gov. Brian Kemp … a dress-rehearsal for what the GOP will try to do in November to depress Democratic turnout.”

What You Can Do: Please consider supporting/getting involved with Stacey Abrams’s voting right group, Fair Fight.

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