Watch This: Indigenous Youth Drive Climate Movement

While the youth climate movement has gained a lot of attention from the media this year, the efforts of young indigenous activists in this youth movement haven’t been reported enough. One of those activists is 19-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Colorado who has been fighting environmental injustice issues since he was a small boy. Martinez founded the climate action group Earth Guardians which trains other young activists to become leaders of the climate movement by enabling them to best use their voices and political power. He previously spoke in front of the UN General Assembly (a powerful speech if you haven’t seen it) but check out the above video where Martinez explains why climate activism is also a way to preserve the cultural traditions of his Aztec ancestors.

One of Xiuhtezcatl’s most powerful messages is that our inability to see our planet as a precious and finite resource enables greed, over-extraction of resources, and disregard for the needs of future generations:

We have to end this mindset that we can take whatever we want without ever giving back.

(right on)

However, he’s certainly not the only prominent young indigenous climate activist. Learn about these 6 other leaders who are drawing international attention to the injustices that Indigenous communities experience

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