Akua’s Kelp Jerky

We wrote yesterday about the Planetary Health Diet which was created by scientists to help people eat more consciously and help address climate change. But food experts at Whole Foods and the National Restaurant Association have some other sustainable food trend predictions for 2019. Some notable trendy foods include:

Seaweed especially has had a rapid rise in popularity and as CBS News explained, increasing numbers of fishermen, scientists, and foodies in this country are starting to look at seaweed very differently — as a promising source of food, jobs and help cleaning ocean waters. With rising global populations and limited space to expand agriculture on land, they are turning to the sea — and its “weeds” — as a new frontier.

Why This Matters: Food trends are mostly fun but its good news that meatless and more sustainable food options are starting to show up on the radar of more Americans. Plant-based foods can have a big impact on reducing global emissions yet most people don’t know where to start in altering their diets, if more retailers begin selling vegetarian snack alternatives it can help people make the switch more seamlessly.

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