Hero of the Week: Kip Oetter

As we’ve been chronicling, flooding throughout the Midwest has been devastating these past few weeks and according to NOAA’s forecast, the flooding danger still isn’t over. Countless homes have been lost and many people still haven’t been able to return home and are in need of relief efforts for things like laundry, showers, and even feeding their families. That’s why our hero this week is a man named Kip Oetter, or “Hero Kip” as he has been nicknamed by his Nebraska community for his work to feed people after the floods. As New 6 in Omaha reported in their recent segment with Oetter,

When water started rising in his old neighborhood, he grabbed his boat and raced into action. Using lifelong skills in the kitchen, he decided to feed as many people as he could. So, he got involved with the Christian Church of Waterloo. Despite working fulltime he’s been providing meals for his community each day using the church’s facilities. “I know there are thousands of people in Nebraska and Iowa that are just like me – willing to help and do what they can,” Oetter said. Kip is a heartening reminder that a hero is anyone who steps up to help people with whatever resources they have.

Please consider helping flood victims by donating to one of these GoFundMee campaigns. 

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