Heroes of the Week: Dads Who Enable Their Daughters’ Climate Activism

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When Minnesota 5th graders Elena Rapallini and Aryanna Rossi asked their dads to take them on an emissions-free road trip to Washington DC to attend a conference and raise awareness about climate change, their dads were thrilled to help their daughters with their activism. Both girls have been active in local groups seeking climate action and wanted to use the trip to hone their communication skills when talking about climate change–you can check out their heartening trip updates here.

Aryanna’s dad Federico Rossi expressed that, “I share with her the deep sense of urgency and concern about what’s going on with the environment, and I share with her the sense that we need to do something and we need to do it relatively fast.” He and Elena’s dad, Leo Rapallini, were tasked with how to make the trip carbon-free.


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