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Moms have emerged as serious activists on the front lines of air pollution, climate change, and environmental health and safety. Groups like the Mom’s Clean Air Force have rallied their members across the nation to crack down on everything from dirty oil refineries in New Jersey, to protesting the nomination of EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler, and ensuring that federal agencies tasked with protecting the health and safety of Americans are sticking to their mission. On social media, MCAF moms can connect with organizers in their area and get involved in advocacy for clean air and children’s’ health, joining a community of over 1 million members. This is especially pertinent as federal data shows 2.9 million children enrolled in schools and daycares across the country are threatened by oil and gas air pollution and rates of childhood asthma are rising.

Mothers Out Front is another grassroots group that is leveraging the power of mothers to address leaders who won’t act on climate change and is also empowering mothers with the knowledge necessary to become climate activists.

We also wanted to mention SciMoms, who are a group of scientist mothers working to increase science literacy and fact check sensationalism on the internet (like the anti-vax movement). If you’re a parent who feels overwhelmed by opinions on parenting, public health, and the environment and wants to know what the actual science says we recommend you check out their awesome blog.

Why This Matters: Mothers can be some of the most effective advocates for environmental causes as they have been on the front lines of most American political movements. Not only can mothers and caregivers shape the conversation at home but in the digital age, they have been able to effectively mobilize, raise awareness and get the attention of lawmakers.

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