One cool thing: Apple’s deepening commitment to 100% renewables

Apple’s HQ in Cupertino has a roof lined with solar panels. Photo: Apple

While Apple has managed to power 100% of its operations from renewable energy (in fact, it’s already 1 gigawatt beyond the target of 4 gigawatts it established for 2020), the company announced that it will help its supply chain reach the same goal. Since about 3/4 of Apple’s carbon footprint comes from manufacturing, almost all of which it outsources, this means that Apple is continuing to walk the walk on its bold renewable energy commitments as it works to green its entire supply chain.

Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives at Apple (and #FriendOfThePlanet), said in a statement that “We’ve made it a priority to hold our suppliers accountable to the same environmental standards we observe and hope that our collaboration will show others what is possible.


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