The meadow looking up to Highclere Castle.

I (Miro) got a chance to visit Highclere Castle yesterday (aka the real Downton Abbey) and aside from the stunning beauty of the grounds and the castle, I was taken with the message that Lord and Lady Carnarvon (owners of the estate) shared with us about their attitude toward conservation. Lady Carnarvon explained that in addition to maintaining the several-hundred-year-old home, the Earl’s family actively works to conserve the local soil, use renewable energy, and help protect animal species. She said that “there’s a saying that we must protect and preserve for future generations to enjoy, but we aim to protect and preserve for the sake of nature itself,” adding that while neither her nor her husband will be around in 150 years to enjoy the majesty of the cedar trees they’ve planted that she hopes they can inspire their heirs also act as good stewards of nature as well.

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