Photo: Carolyn Kaster, AP via The Washington Post

The Smithsonian’s dinosaur exhibit in the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. just got a giant facelift (a five-year, $125 million – but it was paid for by David Koch) and the buzz around it is great after it re-opened last weekend.  There is a giant T.rex, a wooly mammoth and an interactive “Fossil Basecamp” for starters.  It also explores the impact of climate change on mass extinction events, and how scientists have learned so much about our climate from studying fossils.  And in New York City a pop-up Museum of Plastic opened in SoHo for a short run — it closes on June 12 so get there fast! The museum is an interactive space with areas designed to show the problem of single-use plastics, create a vision of a world without waste, and inspire action.“We are committed to inspiring people through positivity,” says Dune Ives, who helped create it in her role as Executive Director of the Lonely Whale Foundation.

To Go Deeper: Check out this cool podcast from The Post about the Dino Hall renovation.

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