One Cool Thing: ODP Teams Up With Jillian Harris

Last week we had the honor of writing a guest blog post for Jillian Harris’ blog that was an intro to what folks should know about climate change. Aside from being a tv host, lifestyle expert, former Bachelorette, and all-around awesome human, Jillian is unafraid to use her platform to talk about important issues like climate change when so many shy away from the topic for fear of being “too controversial.” One of the best things we can do to combat climate change is to talk about it with our own community to help break down political stigmas and invite our friends and family to care about the issue–we’re grateful to Jillian and her team for allowing us to speak to her community!

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Antarctica Warming 3X the Global Average

Antarctica Warming 3X the Global Average

There’s been ample research to show that the Arctic is warming much faster than any other region on the planet. However, there’s been little media focus on what’s happening on the opposite side of the planet, until now. A new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday has revealed that the South […]

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Climate Justice Coalition’s National Network Supports House Dems’ Climate Crisis Action Plan

A coalition of nearly 300 progressive groups that span the environmental and civil rights movements have been working together for a year to hammer out the pillars of a climate justice plan they want to see passed, and the House Climate Crisis Committee adopted much of it in the comprehensive Solving the Climate Crisis Action Plan released on Tuesday.

Why This Matters:  When they work together in a coalition, these groups have real political muscle.

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Millions More American Homes at Risk of Flooding than Previously Thought

Millions More American Homes at Risk of Flooding than Previously Thought

An alarming new analysis from the First Street Foundation revealed that millions of American homes are at a growing risk of extreme flooding. As CNN wrote, today, around 8.7 million properties are located in Special Flood Hazard Areas as determined by FEMA’s flood maps, the legal standard used in the US to manage floodplains, determine […]

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