The Governor of Kentucky (who is up for re-election this year), found himself in hot water after a comment he made on Tuesday morning about the school closures in his state due to the extreme cold.  Speaking on WHAS-AM (840 AM) Tuesday, the host, Terry Meiners, reminded the Governor that classes had been canceled yesterday. The Governor, Matt Bevin, then said, “Now we cancel school for cold, I mean — ” Bevin said.”It’s deep freeze; this is serious business,” Meiners responded. “Come on, now,” Bevin quipped. “There’s no ice going with it or any snow. What happens to America. We’re getting soft, Terry, we’re getting soft.”  Teachers were not amused.  They let loose with a tweet storm as cold as the polar vortex.  And make no mistake, it was cold.  According to Accuweather, six states had a lower temperature on Wednesday than the South Pole and the temperature in Minneapolis on Wednesday morning was -28 degrees.  The high temperature in Louisville yesterday was nine degrees.   Four people died due to the cold.

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