For all of us “green” nerds who are fascinated by the politics of climate change, not to mention all those Democratic candidates for President, the Yale Program on Climate Communications has a great data visualization site that will provide endless hours of entertainment.  Check out their partisan climate opinion survey results for 2018, and the map visualization tool that shows climate opinion by party down to the Congressional district.  As you can see from the blue map above (and the color coding is a bit counterintuitive for party affiliation) only 35% of Republicans in the U.S. believe that climate change is caused by human activities, as compared to 79% of Democrats.  Here is a surprising and hopefully statistic.  52% of Republicans agree with the statement that environmental protection is more important than economic growth.  A whopping 85% of Democrats agree with that statement.  So candidates take note, a clean environment is a winning issue with most voters!

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