Jason Momoa, of Game of Thrones and more recently Aquaman fame, has joined the fight against ocean plastic.  And for his true fans, if you wondered why he shaved his beard, it was all for a good cause — to raise awareness about single-use plastic water bottles.  Time to make a change, he says.  His goal is to replace single-use plastic water bottles with water in aluminum cans because they are much more often recycled than plastic bottles. And he has launched a brand of water in cans to help make it happen, called ManaNalu.  He explains:

Mana is the sacred spirit of life.

Nalu is a powerful wave that pushes across the ocean.

Mananalu represents the unstoppable wave of change that is coming. The change of consciousness that won’t allow the perpetuation of plastics to litter and suffocate our oceans and damage the environment any longer. 

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