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One Valentines Day Thing: Sustainable Expressions of Love | Our Daily Planet

Looking for something original and sustainable for your favorite Valentine?  Look no further!  According to Vox, the impact of the shipping of cut flowers from South America for the U.S. Valentines Day market is huge — causing 360 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions alone.  Last year 15,000 tons of flowers were shipped to the U.S. from Ecuador, and 30 cargo jet flights a day of just flowers arrive in Miami from Columbia in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Here are some low impact alternatives to flowers.  

  • If you want to give something with flowers, how about a potted plant and this Sleepy Narwhale ceramic planter?
  • For a bouquet substitute, how about breadsticks?  Olive Garden has created these bouquet wrappers that you can download at home — each has a love-themed message.
  • For the person who loves sweets, ditch chocolates and instead buy chocolate-filled Candy Heart Shaped Donuts from Krispy Kreme.
  • For the coffee lover, just grab some organic, fair trade beans and a nature-themed mug like this Octopus one from Creativity Happens.

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