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Tweet of the Week: Dan Rather’s Take on Dem Debate Night 1 | Our Daily Planet

As we mentioned previously, we’ll include an analysis of the Democratic debates tomorrow and will feature a Bright Ideas on the topic as well on Saturday but we couldn’t help but share this tweet from veteran news anchor Dan Rather about last night’s debates. He summed up our feelings regarding the negligible attention placed on climate change last night with a lot of charm. Anyone else have a sudden craving for Diet Dr. Pepper?

Why This Matters: Dan Rather is a lifelong journalist, not a partisan, so for him to tweet this out shows that the media’s coverage of climate issues and how to talk about them when they are covered has a lot of room for improvement. Although Rather is off the air and doesn’t have a producer reminding him that climate change is a “ratings killer,” we should take his tweet to heart and really evaluate why on-air journalists stumble with the issue of climate so much. Moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC didn’t ask the candidates point blank about how they would handle the threat of climate change, instead, they opted for convoluted questions that lead to convoluted answers. Here’s hoping they get it right for tonight’s debate!

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