Tweet of the Week: Leader McConnell’s Senate Graveyard

The Senate Majority Leader has made it clear that he won’t even allow debate of climate change, the most pressing issue of our time, on the Senate floor. He won’t take up climate bills passed by the House and is blocking the legislative power given to the U.S. Senate as set forth by our Constitution. Watch the video in the tweet above from the Senate Democrats where they ask the Majority Leader to at least allow debate on issues that have a big impact on American lives today.

Why This Matters: Leader McConnell’s actions extend beyond partisanship, he is actively grinding our democratic process to a halt and preventing the Senators elected by the American people to solve pressing issues they were sent to the Senate to solve. Republicans and Democrats might have different ideas about how to solve climate change but entirely preventing the process of debate is dangerous. Republicans hold the majority in the Senate so what is Leader McConnell afraid of, elected officials engaging in discourse and possibly reaching solutions?  

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