As you saw from our story above, President Trump’s nonsensical statement about wind turbine noise causing cancer and decreasing property values raised a lot of questions from the press. Unfortunately, those questions couldn’t be answered by Trump’s own staff–not even a semblance of an explanation could be offered. As you can see in the embedded video in the above tweet from The Hill, White House Director of Strategic Communications, Mercedes Schlapp, was also at a loss for words when trying to answer journalists’ questions about what the president possibly could have meant.

Why This Matters: To put it bluntly, our president notoriously doesn’t read and is dependent on the oral word for his information which makes him susceptible to conspiracy theories. This isn’t the first time the President’s staff has been caught off guard by a statement he’s made and it won’t be the last but spreading lies about an important American industry (and one that has our nation’s second fastest growing jobs) should rattle even the most hardline free-market conservatives. Looks like the answer to our questions is truly blowin’ in the wind…

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