Environmentally-themed documentary films and TV series are having a Renaissance.  Last week, National Geographic debuted a new six-part nature series from Guillermo Navarro, the Academy Award-winning cinematographer of the feature film Pan’s Labyrinth.  The series, entitled Hostile Planet, is hosted by Bear Grylls (Running Wild with Bear Grylls) and is intended to show the resilience of animals that survive in the most hostile environments.  Perhaps we can learn something from them.  You can watch the next episode on the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9 pm, and stream them here.  And Netflix also has a new series from the BBC entitled Our Planet, which recently debuted and you can stream all 8 episodes here.  Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this series is different from prior BBC shows because, according to The Atlantic, it “[r]epeatedly, unambiguously, and urgently, reminds its viewers that the wonders they are witnessing are imperiled by human action.”  And if you need one more, you can’t go wrong with Free Solo, the National Geographic outdoor adventure documentary that won the Academy Award this year for Best Documentary Film, which you can stream here.

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