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August 1, 2019

More Sharks Coming to the Jersey Shore (what a Situation!)

Historically beachgoers in the Northeast didn’t have to worry about sharks in the water but climate change may soon change this. As explained, “while sharks off the Jersey Shore are nothing new, experts who study the ocean predators say New Jersey’s...

July 28, 2019

One of America’s Oldest Power Companies Commits to Go Carbon-Free

New Jersey’s largest energy company, PSEG, recently announced that it will go carbon-free by 2050 after 116 years of relying on fossil fuels to generate energy. As CNN reported, the $30 billion utility provider is on track to slash carbon emissions by 80% by...

March 28, 2018

Our Daily Planet: Scott Pruitt’s Dirty Politics, Coal Country Desperately Need EPA’s Help, Plastic Breakthrough, Conservative Hoover Institution Tackles Climate Change, Offshore Oil and Gas Interest Dimming, Wind on the Rise, Grist Top 50, Lights Out Roundup

Our Daily Planet: March 28, 2018: Pruitt's Unclean Hands, Making Plastics From Trash, plus look who's on the Grist List! Campaign URL Copy Facebook 0 likes Twitter 0 tweets Google +1 Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate English العربية Afrikaans беларуская...