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Stories tagged "wetlands"

January 29, 2019

Pipeline and LNG Terminal Project Puts Oregon Governor On the Spot

In Oregon, there is a fossil fuel infrastructure project undergoing permitting and approval that is stirring up controversy, putting the newly re-elected Governor of the state, Kate Brown, on the spot over her campaign promise to tackle the issue of climate change. ...

January 28, 2019

Southeastern Iran In the Grip of Climate Change Is a Dustbowl

Heat, drought, and debilitating dust storms have, according to National Geographic, brought much of southeastern Iran to the brink of being uninhabitable.  The temperature in Sistan and Baluchestan province is often above 110 degrees F and it never rains, but the wind...

March 21, 2018

Our Daily Planet: Reducing Air Pollution Would Save 150 Million Lives This Century, Florida’s Wetlands, Interior Auctions Oil and Gas Leases In Southern Utah, Is it really Spring?, Local Papers Crucial to Public Health, Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies

Our Daily Planet: Cutting Air Pollution Saves 150 million lives, But Last Male White Rhino is Gone, and much more… Campaign URL Copy Facebook 0 likes Twitter 0 tweets Google +1 Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate English العربية Afrikaans беларуская мова...