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New York Times forces us to examine how our diets contribute to climate change | Our Daily Planet

Image: The New York Times

This week the New York Times wrote a series of fantastic pieces about food and its connection to climate change. We covered the story about how climate change is altering the way some of our favorite crops are being cultivated but we highly recommend that you check out more from this series. Start with this incredibly informative interactive article that walks you through the basics of how what we eat and how we dispose of it contributes to climate change. I (Miro) thought I knew a decent amount on this topic and ended up learning a lot! I’d also recommend sharing it with kids to expose them to this issue early on. Here are some other parts of the series that I recommend:

Why This Matters: Generally when we think about the biggest contributors to climate change we think of cars and power plants, perhaps not our diet. Sure, we hear the stats about how carbon-intensive and polluting agriculture is and maybe we might be aware that our food waste is an overlooked driver of climate change but diets are very personal and sometimes complicated to change. We also might have an encountered THAT vegan in our lives who was preachy and instantly turned us off from the idea of giving up animal products. The New York Times series, in my opinion, did a fantastic job of breaking down these issues and presenting facts and do-able modifications to encourage readers to be more mindful of their diets. After all, we may not be able to control whether the White House reenters the Paris Climate Agreement but we can control what we eat. 

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