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Stories tagged "wildfires"

July 21, 2019

Not Beating the Heat: Fires Across Arctic, Global Extremes in June

The U.S. heatwave over the weekend (and it was hot — New York and Boston both set high temp records on Saturday) overshadowed some disturbing new photos that emerged late last week of vast fires in Siberia due to dried out swaths of peatland (aka bogs or swamps)...

June 5, 2019

Flames Engulf Alberta as Wildfire Season Returns

Wildfire season has returned to North America with deadly force as 28 fires continue to rage across in Alberta, Canada and have burned more than 700,000 acres of land while forcing over 11,000 people to evacuate. The fires have been burning since the end of May and...

May 5, 2019

The Week Ahead: May 6-10

Happy Monday #FriendsofthePlanet!  We hope you had a great Cinco de Mayo and that you’ve recovered from Game of Thrones or the NBA or NHL Playoff excitement.  How about that quadruple overtime game in Portland on Friday night not to mention the controversial...

March 13, 2019

Forests are becoming slow to recover after wildfires

Wildfires across the Western United States have been made more intense and more frequent due to climate change and now a team of researchers from the University of Montana, the University of Colorado and the U.S. Forest Service have found evidence suggesting that...

January 30, 2019

PG&E files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

It’s been a long road for Pacific Gas and Electric, after facing possible murder charges for its role in California’s recent wildfires as well as lawsuits from survivors, the utility has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As PV Magazine explained, the filing...

January 15, 2019

Increasingly frequent wildfires threaten California’s shrublands

California’s chaparral ecosystem is the state’s iconic shrub-dominant vegetation that covers broad areas of foothills stretching across the state but particularly southern California. Chaparral wilderness occupies more than 8.5 million acres and the...

January 14, 2019

Gov shutdown freezes vital research and training programs

As of the morning, the federal government shutdown has entered into its 24th day, making it the longest shutdown in US history. While 800,000 federal workers are caught in the crosshairs of the shutdown (and most of them missed a paycheck last Friday), countless...